Welcome to Buenia!!Edit

Buenia is the name of the home planet of all of my characters! It's something of an alternate universe, but it's a planet far off on the other side of the Milky Way, with many of the same conditions for life that Earth has. It happens at the same (ish) time as Earth, so there's people there too that come into play.

I try to populate the planet as best I can, so there are lots of characters, and not all of them have a story. But many of them do, and this wiki is my attempt to gather all of them into one place.

Some Clarification:Edit

I'm currently in the process of redoing all of this site! But then again, I'm always redoing this site.

My writing has a lot of inconsistencies, including:

  • (x) means something I need to change. XXX means a name I need to find. bolded means it needs to be moved somewhere else.
  • Sometimes I use ‘humans’ just as shorthand for the various intelligent species on Buenia.
  • Sometimes i have to be clear whether I'm talking about Earth humans or Buenian ‘humans.’
  • Sometimes you'll find the same piece of writing in multiple places, but that just means that story fits into both of those pages.
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